Joe Biden just hasn’t been the same since he took office as the President of the United States, and for good reason.

In a bombshell revelation from the Whitehouse yesterday it was revealed that the First Lady, Dr Jill Biden, “lost her husband during an alien abduction and replacement operation,” according to the Press Secretary.

There were some suspicions that President Biden had a close encounter with the third kind during his town hall meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, – see video below – but no one could have guessed that he had already been replaced by an alien clone by this stage.

“The First Lady has acknowledged that her husband, the President, came home one night after being out well after his bed-time, and just didn’t seem like himself,” said the Press Secretary. “It is possible that the President may be a clone and we are unaware of the whereabouts of the real Joe Biden. But since the current President is doing such a wonderful job of leading the United States, we are unconcerned at this time,” she further added.

The revelation comes at the heals of much speculation that the President is presented to the public as deep fake videos and doubles when in-person.

We now suspect that the President is a cloned body, probably remotely controlled, like the characters in the movie Avatar.

“We’ve been analysing the President’s radio signatures and it does appear that he is a remotely controlled biological system, with the origins of the controlling signal originating in the vicinity of the Ukraine and parts of China,” said transhumanist expert and part-time alien investigator, Dr Umfokazi from the University of Hawaii.

We probably won’t be following up on this story anytime soon.