A recent Mars expedition by the 45 billion-dollar probe SpaceZ has run into a technical problem due to a miscalculation of distance between the Earth and Mars.

“When we started the project we didn’t anticipate such a large distance between the earth and Mars,” said chief project manager Rob Crusoe. “We spent weeks watching movies like The Martian, The Last Days on Mars, John Carter, and even the recent National Geographic film, and made lots of notes, and we even had a large blackboard with sophisticated calculations all over it,” said Crusoe in a late-night interview with the press and project stakeholders.

It seems the expedition is going to be about 5 million miles off course, and the team are now watching all the previous movies about Mars, right back to the 1910 classic A Trip to Mars and the 1924 film Aelita, to see where they might have gone wrong in their calculations.

The team hopes their own film about the failed expedition will become a blockbuster and recoup some of the money lost.