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2016 Year in Review

Dear reader, Another year has rolled by, and what a dismal year it’s been – not just on account of the advent of The Confounding Variable, but with the company’s stock prices dipping into the negative, a Pulitzer Prize as elusive as ever despite weeks of the most profound online journalism the world has ever seen, and nary an SPJ Award to crown the efforts of our all-star lineup of (lightly) seasoned journalists. But first, after that, a big thank you to all our regular readers: Paul, Matt, Geoff, and Kim Jong-un—we would still exist without you, but it...

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Virtual Playground Prevents Trauma

CARACAS, VENEZUELA—On the east and west hills of Caracas children play happily and seemingly safely in the bright, clean and safe playgrounds that scatter these well-to-do neighbourhoods. You would not think, in such idyllic circumstances, that the children of Caracas would be in any danger—but you would be wrong. In 2016 alone there were dozens of reports of children with scraped knees, several sprained fingers, and a broken wrist because of the play equipment in these playgrounds. “It’s just not good enough,” said Daniela Delgado, local counsellor and mother of 5. “Our children are in great danger of being hurt every...

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Scientists Discover The Last “Missing Link”

MACQUARIE ISLAND, AUSTRALIA—Scientists on remote Macquarie Island have discovered the so-called “missing link” that bridges the evolutionary gap between humans and other higher primates. In an unprecedented find, the team of researchers, led by Prof. Frances Feinderfossel of the University of Hobart, unearthed what has long been regarded as the Holy Grail of evolutionary biology while digging a makeshift toilet on the south of the island. “It was remarkable,” said Prof. Feinderfossel in one of several exlusive interviews on Tasmanian talk shows seen by The Counfounding Variable. One of the grad students popped off to deal with a number...

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