Author: Steve Confudere

Distinctive Brain Patterns May Underlie Political Profile

BOSTON, MA—Typically politicians are selected for their unique set of cognitive abilities to navigate the complex and challenging political arena. Now a new imaging study being conducted in Boston has revealed that these valuable traits have their foundation in well-defined neural architecture. Prof. Felice Gabrieli, lead researcher on the project for the private firm It’s All in Your Head Imaging, Inc., says the study is looking for precise neurobiological markers of the political brain. “The typical politician will display a predictable set of traits such as the inability to give a straight answer, poor recall of promises made, a once-in-an-election-cycle...

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“Car of Silence” Promises Quiet Drive

BOUVET ISLAND—In the busy streets of downtown Bouvet there is the all too common commotion of family sedans ferrying squabbling children. But Bouvet is not the only host to the phenomenon. Reports of the disquieting clash of siblings in confined spaces, forced together in unnatural circumstances to re-enact the Normandy landings, have surfaced from such corners of the world as Brisbane, Logan (in Brisbane’s south), and Lost Springs, Wyoming. An exciting innovation from the engineering department of Bouvet Island Institute of Technology (BIIT) may yet prove the answer frazzled parents have been looking for. The system, inspired by the...

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Artificial Intelligence Surpasses Male Response

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA—Artificial intelligence lab The Big Prefrontal has reported a major breakthrough this week, broaching what is generally acknowledged to be the final frontier in AI development after the defeat of the world champions in chess and Go. They claim to have made significant progress in answering the age-old question, “So where have you been?” For generations, males coming home late from work after a quick drink with the boys have been stumped by the seemingly simple question that greets them as they stumble through the front door. Unable to recall recent chronological, spatial and autobiographical information, the male...

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