Author: Marie Confudere

Tech Company Unable to Retain Talent

WHITTIER, AK—High tech start up Digital Tropicana, located in Begich Tower, Whittier, boasts an open plan office space that looks more like a playground than an office. “We want our work environment to be both relaxed and engaging,” said Thomas Singh, and Indian Fijian who moved to Whittier from Fiji to get away from the heat. And engaging it is, in an attempt to keep up with the best of what’s on offer for the young technology savvy generation of today. Digital Tropicana has been developing virtual reality holidays for a growing online community of globe trotters who are more...

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District Attorney Sues Family Therapist

BOSTON, MA—Henry Valentino, the well-known state prosecutor, has sued his family therapist for ruining his career as a district attorney. Before undergoing therapy, Valentino was known as one of the toughest DAs in the state, earning the nickname “The Hammer” for his relentless persecution and occasional courtroom beatings of accused criminals, their family and supporters. That all changed earlier this year when, due to family tensions, Valentino agreed to couples therapy with a family therapist in Boston, whose name has been suppressed. A “rather chuffed” Mrs. Valentino reported to friends afterward that therapy sessions had gone well. “Henry became...

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Restricted Intake Diet Slammed By Fast Food Companies

LOS ANGELES, CA—A radical new diet called the Restricted Intake Diet is causing an uproar in the fast-food industry and has some federal politicians very concerned. The diet, commonly known as “eating in moderation”, proposes that people should only consume as many calories each day as the body needs without having to store excess as fat. “This is, quite simply, a dangerous idea,” said a spokeswoman for a major fast-food outlet. “It’s unrealistic, and possibly psychologically damaging, that people should exercise such extreme constraint in their eating habits – and furthermore, it’s un-American,” she said in a press conference yesterday to...

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