Our Beginnings

Only surviving copy of The Confounding Variable front page, February 20, 1878.

Entrepreneur Con Confudere, of Italian and Icelandic descent, had a dream to be a great writer. In 1868, after migrating from Rome to Tuvalu in search of power and wealth, became disillusioned by the growing disciplined precision of scientific reporting in the science column of the Tuvalu Herald. Thus began his pursuit for fame and fortune with total disregard for the truth and ethical standards of the day. The Confounding Variable newspaper was born in such humble circumstances that Confudere had considerable difficulty selling a single copy in Tuvalu, likely due to the fact that it was printed in Italian rather than the locally spoken English and Tuvaluan. After a decade of persistence Confudere had a breakthrough with his first English issue featuring an obscure article about the practicalities of walrus hunting in the South Pacific and his now famous “The theoretical basis of high speed spinning on the left foot and the perception of gravitational inconsistency”. There is but one remaining sample of these early English editions where Confudere himself writes a very personal headline about one of his many innovative ideas—the grandophone.

Today the incredible success of The Confounding Variable is deniable, with reporters across the globe covering important scientific and technological advances in La Rinconada, McMurdo Station, Ittoqqortoormiit, and of course some of the amazing breakthroughs happening in Pitcairn Island and Tristan de Cunha.

Why We Exist

The Confounding Variable exists to exploit the revenue potential of the internet with little regard to the value it adds to the international community of scientifically and technologically interested readers. Standards of journalism are secondary to the strategies of gaining advertising revenue and general popularity.

…oh and to practice the art of satire, parody, and just being comedic.